We all know those moments. Where our goals feel too far away, too unrealistic or too overwhelming. Easier to keep things in the madness that they exist in now than take the time to make a change. The paralysis of not knowing where to start kicks in and ANYTHING feels safer and more inviting than facing that huge goal. 

Well, if there is anything I have learned in coaching top performers across the country- it is that pausing, clarifying the NEXT BEST STEP, and then setting up accountability to get it done is the most liberating action you can do it hit your goal. The amount of times I have heard, “I have wanted to do this for 3 years.” “I have always wanted to be/do/have…”  or “I have always struggled with…. I just can’t get past it.” only to dive into a session and quickly find the NEXT BEST STEP that can help them start on that life long goal or conquer that life long struggle.

So, what are the best techniques to follow to find your NEXT BEST STEP and start heading towards you goals?

1. Stop and take inventory. Write or sit with someone and have them jot down your big goals, ambitions, dreams and struggles. Take inventory to clearly put in front of you what it is you want to start towards. We’re talking about those nagging projects, wild dreams, and bitter speedbumps that slow you down. It could be organizing & creating your follow up plan for past clients & prospects. It could be creating those templates so your follow up system is set & automated. It could be losing 40 lbs or learning Spanish or stopping the job you hate and becoming a neuroscience professor or kite surfing & yoga instructor. The list of nagging goals goes on and on. It is unique to you because you are unique. Don’t push them off. Press pause in your life, write them out and get a clear idea of what you want to start or stop doing.

2. Break it down to the NEXT BEST STEP. There is always a place to start. There is always something in our control that we can clarify and being acting upon. Decide what those next steps are for you. Is it picking out a CRM…finally!? Is it hiring your friend’s college daughter to input your contacts into said CRM? Then picking that clear follow up campaign you have ALWAYS wanted to put your past clients in?….okay…perfect. Let’s do that! Start there! When you stop and clarify your goals you can work backwards to pick the next best steps.

3. START on the next best step. Don’t laugh. I know this sounds very obvious, but it is wild how often we take that peaceful Sunday afternoon to clarify exactly what we want and how we want to start and then Monday comes around and we DO NOTHING to start. That busyness of the week picks up, the emails demand our attention, our old systems & current situation continue to be “good enough” and we slip into the lukewarm dizziness of forgetting all about our clear list of next steps…AND… NOTHING… CHANGES.  Don’t fall prey to this…AGAIN. Let’s start this time! Life is too short to push it off.

4. Create accountability. What consequences or rewards would insure that you ACTUALLY start this time? What will draw the line in the sand so its not just another wishlist for another year? I have heard the most creative range of accountability ideas. From consequences of having to clean the refrigerator to having to give their spouse money for an expensive haircut or another Lululemon article of clothing…ha! Others are motivated by rewards, so being able to gift their spouse a manicure or special dinner at a famous restaurant in town. Some are rewarded by being able to go surfing and give themselves a massage. The ideas are endless. The most important part is that it speaks to and motivates YOU. What will actually get you to START?

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.”

— Eckhart Tolle

I’m excited to hear about what goal you are wanting to FINALLY work towards this year. Its time to put our foot down and move forward instead of another year of standing still. Let’s do this! :)