Hello, I'm Lauren!

I am a success coach, sales trainer and productivity expert for driven overachievers who want to reach ambitious goals and become their best self without burning out and missing out on their life in the process.

I’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of professionals improve their motivation, techniques and habits to build million-dollar incomes, master their use of time, and improve overall happiness and quality of life.

Why am I uniquely qualified for this role?

I’m so glad you asked.

An overachiever myself, I love to be, do and have all the crazy ideas that come to mind. My resume includes starting and selling two businesses before the age of 30, being a global sales trainer for tech giants like Google, Facebook and Adobe, and coaching top realtors, financial advisors, lenders, attorneys, CPAs, and insurance agents across the country.

But if this was all I had done, I wouldn’t expect you to be impressed.

My professional success isn’t my whole life success.

I’m most proud that I clarified my dream version of life and am now living it out. With intentional planning, I now live in cool AirBnb’s around the world and experience the essence that a lot of my clients want to achieve too: Freedom through income and managing their time in a way that helps them live out both their personal and professional goals.

I champion and strategize with my clients to help them have the game plan and confidence to live out the life of their dreams too.

How did I get here?

School of Hard Knocks

I love to joke that I literally went to the “School of Hard Knocks”.

When I started my first sales job at 18 years old doing door to door sales, I remember thinking “This is fun”. I was willing to work hard and enjoyed seeing the results. I am and always have been an overachiever. Give me a game plan, target and some competition and I’ll rock it. With my calloused knuckles and bicycle, I worked 80 hours a week for my 4 summers in my college and became the #5 producer out of 3000 college students and recruited the #1 team in the company. I remember at 19 years old leading a training to a room full of college students and telling my mom afterwards, “Mom, I want to be a motivational speaker”.  Inspiring others to duplicate my success was thrilling to me.

When I started my first business at 23 years old, I decided I would run just as hard and fast building it and after its 3rd year, I had built a beast that was consuming my life. Sleeping just 4-5 hours a night and not even having time to eat during the day, my only focus was in providing excellence to everyone (except myself). After 5 years, I thankfully was able to sell the business only to find myself in the same situation 3 years later while building my next business. I was exhausted and empty. I remember thinking, “Is this all there is in life?” I was 29 years old, dripping in start up debt, paralyzed by anxiety every morning, working so hard but simply stuck in life.

Are you ready for a Change in your life?


Let’s get you out of this version of life.

If any of these emotions resonate with you, all I can say is, “I’ve been there. It sucks. Let’s get you out of this version of life.  You have another chapter waiting to be written in your story,  IF you’re willing to step back and slow down to write it.”

Through years of trial and error, binging on business & self development books, conferences and coaches, I was able to figure out what techniques worked best for me, my brain, my lifestyle and re-write my story. I was able to finally create the life I had always dreamt of, intentionally use my talents and not have to work 80 hours a week to sustain it.

As overachievers, we’re so often driven internally to build, create and reach exciting goals. They stimulate us and allow us to feel productive, valuable & important. But, if we’re not careful, we’re accidentally pushing a boulder up a hill that builds momentum and starts chasing after us. Our ambition, without the right systems and structure, consumes our life to the point where we forget to do anything other than work.

Now, I help driven professionals get their time (and life) back

by showing them that they don’t have to only work hard to reach their goals. By working smart and strategically, we can all run successful businesses and enjoy living our fulfilling lives at the same time.

Are you ready for a Change in your life?

You don’t have to stay stuck, missing out on the version of life you most want. It’s time for us to remove the bottlenecks that are holding you back and work strategically to create your epic life.


Lauren is an incredible coach and cheerleader! She is absolutely amazing at what she does, and truth be told, I cannot say enough amazing things about her and what she has done with my company!

Monica, Small Business Owner
Lauren has been an awesome coach! She has helped me define my goals, create a solid game plan for reaching them and given me the accountability I needed to keep me on track!
Tammy, Mortgage Broker
I’m so grateful to have Lauren as my professional sales coach. She is fabulous to work with. She has great ideas and strategies for developing relationships with current clients as well as ideas on how to stay motivated and generate new business. One creative marketing piece alone brought in $100,000 of income!
Jessica, Morgage Lender

I started working with Lauren 2 years ago and there has been no looking back! As a small business owner with what feels like 600 things to juggle, she has helped me prioritize what to focus on and develop the systems within our Insurance Agency that has allowed us to CRUSH our goals…

Chris, Insurance Agent
Lauren is absolutely fantastic! I struggled for a few years with the idea of adding a “Business Coach” to my business/career. I finally “pulled the trigger” after meeting and hearing Lauren speak on several occasions. I have since paid of $80,000 of debt and gone on to have my best years ever in production.
Bill, Realtor
Lauren’s coaching fundamentally rebuilt the way my business works and the way I tackle new ventures that I previously relegated to “someday.” We hired Lauren as a coach at a huge point of transition in our business that could have ended in catastrophe…
Tim, Small Business Owner

I am so fortunate to have Lauren as a coach. She listens, advises and motivates. She understands my challenges and helps me find AND IMPLEMENT solutions. I was so hesitant going into the process but Lauren has really helped me grow my business…

James, Financial Advisor