Private Coaching

Working with the overachievers, hustlers, professionals and business owners who want more out of life.

Private Coaching is 1:1 time with Lauren to get customized suggestions for your growth. I become ‘like’ your business partner. Individuals looking to get customized solutions and want my undivided success coaching attention.

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Private Coaching Focus

We move through 3 phases similar to cleaning out a fridge after you’ve been gone on a long vacation:

Throw away what isn’t working, pull out the messy, chaotic parts that aren’t working, evaluate team members, gaps, bottlenecks, etc.
What we have decided to keep, we create intentional solutions to make sure they work for your brain, personality style, ideal lifestyle, etc. Hyper customized solutions to help you streamline and build a business you love.
Once the new plans and systems are in place, we need to be held accountable to stay consistent and keep the systems working. We sustain our new, ideal style of our life & business by being consistent to maintain our “new normal”.
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How Private Coaching Works

Coaching Sessions

You will receive two 1 hour coaching sessions per month.

Action Items

Customized assignments will be given to you help you implement and apply what we are talking about between the sessions.

Communication between Sessions

If you have questions between sessions, feel free to reach out via text or email.

Coaching Schedule

We will set up your reoccurring schedule. Things will obviously come up that we may need to reschedule however, this will ensure that the appointments are kept and that you get the highest value from your coaching investment.


This is a month to month commitment. I encourage clients to plan to coach for at least one year even though you’ll just be billed month by month. I work with most clients for two to three years, but ask that you consider doing at least a year to help you really grow.

Books & Video

Access to 150+ of my favorite business and self-development Audible books

Are you ready for a Change in your life?

You don’t have to stay stuck, missing out on the version of life you most want. It’s time for us to remove the bottlenecks that are holding you back and work strategically to create your epic life.

Lauren’s coaching fundamentally rebuilt the way my business works and the way I tackle new ventures that I previously relegated to “someday.” We hired Lauren as a coach at a huge point of transition in our business that could have ended in catastrophe…
Tim, Small Business Owner
Lauren has been an awesome coach! She has helped me define my goals, create a solid game plan for reaching them and given me the accountability I needed to keep me on track!
Tammy, Mortgage Broker
Lauren is absolutely fantastic! I struggled for a few years with the idea of adding a “Business Coach” to my business/career. I finally “pulled the trigger” after meeting and hearing Lauren speak on several occasions. I have since paid of $80,000 of debt and gone on to have my best years ever in production.
Bill, Realtor
I’m so grateful to have Lauren as my professional sales coach. She is fabulous to work with. She has great ideas and strategies for developing relationships with current clients as well as ideas on how to stay motivated and generate new business. One creative marketing piece alone brought in $100,000 of income!
Jessica, Morgage Lender

I am so fortunate to have Lauren as a coach. She listens, advises and motivates. She understands my challenges and helps me find AND IMPLEMENT solutions. I was so hesitant going into the process but Lauren has really helped me grow my business…

James, Financial Advisor

Lauren is an incredible coach and cheerleader! She is absolutely amazing at what she does, and truth be told, I cannot say enough amazing things about her and what she has done with my company!

Monica, Small Business Owner

I started working with Lauren 2 years ago and there has been no looking back! As a small business owner with what feels like 600 things to juggle, she has helped me prioritize what to focus on and develop the systems within our Insurance Agency that has allowed us to CRUSH our goals…

Chris, Insurance Agent