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What’s your Cornerstone Habit?

January 29, 2020|

Perhaps you are reading this and asking yourself…”What IS a cornerstone habit?” The word cornerstone refers to the stone that forms the corner of a building. It creates a stable base and the rest [Read More]

Improve your Business with The Habit Loop

January 14, 2020|

Habits fascinate and frustrate me. Habit creation or alteration is doing intentional work at a micro level that then impacts you on a macro level. Habits can be freeing or destructive depending on how [Read More]

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Lauren is an incredible coach and cheerleader! She is absolutely amazing at what she does, and truth be told, I cannot say enough amazing things about her and what she has done with my company!

Monica, Small Business Owner

I started working with Lauren 2 years ago and there has been no looking back! As a small business owner with what feels like 600 things to juggle, she has helped me prioritize what to focus on and develop the systems within our Insurance Agency that has allowed us to CRUSH our goals…

Chris, Insurance Agent
Lauren has been an awesome coach! She has helped me define my goals, create a solid game plan for reaching them and given me the accountability I needed to keep me on track!
Tammy, Mortgage Broker

I am so fortunate to have Lauren as a coach. She listens, advises and motivates. She understands my challenges and helps me find AND IMPLEMENT solutions. I was so hesitant going into the process but Lauren has really helped me grow my business…

James, Financial Advisor
Lauren is absolutely fantastic! I struggled for a few years with the idea of adding a “Business Coach” to my business/career. I finally “pulled the trigger” after meeting and hearing Lauren speak on several occasions. I have since paid of $80,000 of debt and gone on to have my best years ever in production.
Bill, Realtor
Lauren’s coaching fundamentally rebuilt the way my business works and the way I tackle new ventures that I previously relegated to “someday.” We hired Lauren as a coach at a huge point of transition in our business that could have ended in catastrophe…
Tim, Small Business Owner
I’m so grateful to have Lauren as my professional sales coach. She is fabulous to work with. She has great ideas and strategies for developing relationships with current clients as well as ideas on how to stay motivated and generate new business. One creative marketing piece alone brought in $100,000 of income!
Jessica, Morgage Lender